On A Good Day…

I’m now one week and two days post second surgery having had all of my lymph nodes removed from my right armpit.  Sound yukky?  That’s exactly what it was / is and it’s also painful in a twitching, burning kind of way…

When cancer first touched my life back in 2008 – my lovely mum was diagnosed with lung cancer in mid-September and passed away 11 weeks later on 10th December – it seemed that everywhere I looked the big ‘C’ word was rearing it’s ugly head.  Had it always surrounded me with such vigour and because no relative of mine was involved, I’d somehow been oblivious to it?  Maybe, but sadly, once your life is invaded by this nasty critter, you can’t seem to avoid it.

Now, 9 years on, it is back – plopped itself into my unsuspecting right breast – and I’m fighting it with all I’ve got.  I found my lump on 20th Jan, had it confirmed as cancer on 27th Feb, had the lump and a few nodes (little guardians that catch it if it dares to leak out…) removed 14th March and then a big ‘mass’ of nodes removed 8th April as the guardians when questioned revealed that the cancer had tried to get past them!

I’m now in ‘waiting’ mode…and of course, with the aid of Dr Google, have investigated every possible scenario that there might be round the treatment corner for me.  I went through a little vain stage thinking ‘no, no, don’t take my lovely breasts off!’ but am over that now and can honestly say that I’m prepared to lose any part of my anatomy for the extra years it will give me.

So bring it on, my little ‘C’ friend, bring it on.  Ready and waiting…

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