Writing about experiences is therapy for me and I hope that in 25 years, when I’ve clocked up another quarter of a century to the half I’ve just managed, I can look back at this time on my journey and give a little half smile and a shake of my head and say ‘oh yeah, I remember then…’

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Who Am I?

Having just turned 50, I have led an interesting life which has been filled with many ups and downs.  I work in education and am finally in a role that fulfils me like no other, where I can use every bit of knowledge and experience I have gained throughout my life to enrich the lives of young people.  I am currently going through one of the many ‘blips’ that have affected my journey, having been diagnosed with breast cancer three days after my 50th birthday in February 2017.

This period in my life coincided with my discovery of the book by Michael Rosen, ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ which I bought just before Christmas 2016 to read to my 2-year-old granddaughter, Poppy.  In fact, we read it every time I see her and we have both come to love it.

I have met many wonderful people and had incredible experiences during my sometimes difficult and disappointing life, the good with the bad, the smooth with the rough and then the sad with the very, very happy.  I am writing about this latest experience on my turn of a half century so that when I am old and grey, reading ‘Bear Hunt’ to my great granddaughter, I can look back and remember how important it was to write about it at the time.




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